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Getting more likes on Instagram: how to get it done

Want to get a lot more likes on Instagram than what you are receiving now? It can be an uphill battle at times, as hundreds of millions of app users are trying to be seen as well.

If you want to rise above the noise, know there are some cheeky tricks that you can employ to get legions of people to like your content.

While you could buy Instagram likes, know that a holistic strategy is recommended even if you decide to open your wallet. If you want more likes, here’s how to get it done.

1) Just ask

Really? You bet. You’ve borrowed tools from next door, so it is possible to get people to click a little button, so long as you employ a touch of persuasion to the process.

You could beg, but you are above that. Make it look like you are polling your audience instead – by getting followers to like if they want you to review the new iPhone, or comment if they would rather learn about the latest Samsung release, you’ll be getting likes and collecting feedback.

Collecting intelligence and gaming the Instagram algorithm – what’s not to like about that?

2) Use hash tags to attract your crowd

Your current following not doing it for you in the engagement department? Start seeding your posts with hash tags to attract people on the same road as you are.

Usually found at the conclusion of your picture caption, the hash tags you include can draw on interests, groupings of people, or the latest meme.

#foodporn, #music, and #travel are three big examples that will help get you started, but the combinations are effectively infinite – spend an hour surfing Instagram from profile to profile and you will see what we mean.

Be sure to tag using terms that will relate to your content, and you’ll drive qualified traffic who will be more than happy to mash the like button in support of your aims.

3) Write some killer copy in your caption

Photos are impactful enough on their own – that’s why Instagram is so popular, but add in descriptive text in the caption, and you can take your posts to the next level.

By typing copy that grips the reader from the first word, the image above it will be imbued with a soul that would not have existed if the viewer used their own imagination.

Through your words, readers will be placed in your shoes, enabling them to see outside their own personal biases.

Where possible, get their emotions going, and they will like your posts with a far greater frequency than they did before.

4) Connect with potential tribe mates

No Instagrammer is an island. If you hang out on that cay with your pals indefinitely, you’ll never know the richness that awaits you over the horizon. On other profiles, there are other users with photos and a story that will stun you.

Join them, like their stuff, and be a regular in their comment section, they’ll do the same for you often enough.