It Was Time for Changes in My Time Outside of Work

Despite living in a lovely town with an amazing beach, I had never bothered to stand on the sand. I had driven past it many times, but had never stopped. I have only been living here for five years, so I supposed that has a lot to do with it. Still, it is kind of ridiculous that I work far too much and have not spent time doing some relaxing things that are free to do in the area. I do not own any resort wear, so I just decided to stop by one night and take a walk on the warm, soft sand. I was hooked from the moment my walk started.

Work has always been very important to me after watching too many other people in my family struggling to stay on top with bills and life. Neither my parents or my siblings have college degrees, and that really impacted what types of jobs they could get. Struggling has been something that have deal with ever since then. I put myself through school and told myself I would not go through the same thing. Once I got a job, I threw myself into it and have made little time for other things. I knew that needed to change when I felt myself burning out a little bit.

The walk next to the ocean really changed my perspective. I had driven by so many times and gazed out at the ocean as I passed by. I always thought about how beautiful it was. But I had never stopped for even a quick swim. I had never sat outside on the sand and just relaxed in the sun. I knew that I needed to make more times for these types of things. After that walk, I knew I wanted to come back, so I bought some beautiful bathing suits to wear for my next visit.